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The Cycles of Change

Can you feel it?

Sometimes this transition can be quite chaotic, it’s as if something needs to explode to completely disassemble before it can resettle itself towards a more harmonic order, bringing into the light all the unbalance and darkness. We feel the pandemic is such an ‘explosion’ that is causing a big shift in the evolution of our consciousness, bringing out into the open all the dysfunctionalities in societies all over the world.

I can fee the strong surge of energy that is moving in our world calling for a shift, a transformation? Can you sense it in your personal life and in the collective field?

If we look at it only from the perspective of it being a tragedy it helps to take the higher perspective and see how this event is taking place in a much larger time frame and that the times we live in now have been known for millennia to be a turning point in consciousness. According to the ancients time is not linear, it is cyclic, and so is the development of consciousness. Just as we move through the cycle of each day, the return of the light and a fall into darkness occurs on a much larger scale as well, a cycle in which consciousness rises to its peak and then slowly but surely starts to descend into denser and denser states. We call that the cycle of consciousness.


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