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I Am, I Am

I Am, I Am is my personal mantra that I have been repeating for years now. I Am LOVE, I Am Light, I Am  beautiful, I am healthy, I am bountiful, I am worthy, I am brave, I am fearless, I am strong, I am power, I am positive, I am loyal, I am I am. This list goes on and on.

Join me in completing the sentence below

 I Am............? 

You are worthy to shine and to feel your inner radiance, no matter what. Your soul light wants to shine through you, and it is time for us all to rise and shine our light so that we may be beacons of light, love, and peace for ourselves and others. 

When we develop a sacred relationship with ourselves, it nourishes us on all levels and allows our inner radiance to shine and radiates out. 

As a yogi, there is a mediation that I love to do to cultivates the relationship between the finite sense of the self and the Infinite sense of the Self.  To be what you are is the essence of truth and will lead you to the nature of Reality. I will post the meditation "Into Being I am I am" in my stories above, for you to experience it. 

We are energetic beings, and what we feel inside is always reflected outward and connected to the Source. I Am I Am 


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