Present Moment

Yoga and meditation join all the parts of you in the present moment so that the mind stills and the light of the soul can pour forth making you radiate the best of yourself, here and now. With a regular practice it can be a healing tool which can bring you into the present moment and allow you to heal, here and now. The one major drawback with yoga and meditation as a miracle cure, is that you actually have to show up and do the work each day. My favourite show up place these days is my back porch or on the water. Where is yours? Are you ready to do the work, like I am!?!


Do you feel it? Are you noticing life situations arise not allowing you to stay in your comfort zone? These experiences that might be viewed as uncomfortable can also be looked at as transformative. It is our choice. What is happening and what will we do with it? What if we are receiving a “wake up call?” That is a call to drop our old programing and begin to awaken our dormant and unrealized powers. Whether it is a personal or this world challenge, it is time to change our course. Science tells us that everything is a frequency, our thoughts, words, emotions, physical body, right down to the food we eat, the work we do, where we live and even the music we listen to. What are you doing to st

The Path of Devotion

The path.... See the Divine in everything when you practice Bhakti, the yoga of devotion. Devotion is the gateway to Infinity. It is up to each one of us to direct our life, and transform it into devotion, to consciously merge with your true identity and destiny of your soul. Bhakti is a Sanskrit word; Yoga means union; the only English word that can do justice to the word Bhakti is perhaps "Love," "Universal Love" or "Divine Love.” When all life force energy flows in harmony with universal law, the finite self merges with the Infinite Self through the gateway of devotion. Mediation unlocks the truth. Our faith is what gives us patience, hope and a sense of peace no matter what. Meditation i

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