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Gong and Sound Healing

The Sound of Creation

As you listen to the gong sounds it will penetrate every cell and fiber of your being. The entire nervous system is put under a pressure to adjust and heal itself. When that pressure builds, totally relax into the deepest meditation possible. Surrender 


Surrender the mind and body. The sound of the gong will carry you beyond all fears. The pressure will release the nervous system from many illnesses. Feel yourself ride the sound into the infinite itself.


Sound has the power to re-align the energy system and shift our vibratory state in an instant, bringing you to a balanced and whole state


The Gongs have the power to go deep inside the body and release stored heavy energy, leaving behind cleanse full potential energy and healing! Join us to breathe elevate, and open our hearts to the vibrational frequency of the Gong.


I have used these two in posts on social media... What about creating  something from them both for freshness.

Gong Sound Healing

The gong’s voice washes over the mind, body and spirit. Immersed in total sound of holistic resonance, one can reach a state of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace - resting into their true being where all healing and knowledge can be accessed. The gongs have the power to go deep inside the body and release stored heavy energy, leaving behind clean, full potential energy and healing! Visit our events page to find the next gong sound healing event near you.

Devi Kirn teaches from the heart and with her whole heart. My first class with Devi Kirn felt like home. I immediately felt welcomed as part of the group. One of my favourite things about Devi Kirn is her connection with her students. We are all on different journeys and Devi Kirn weaves guidance that speaks to each of us. She always seems to know what to say and I leave class with many gems that resonate until the following week's class.  As a yoga teacher, I aspire to foster a warm community like Devi Kirn. As a yoga student, I have learned and grown on every level since joining Devi Kirn's kundalini yoga class.

Sent with a deep bow of gratitude and love,

Satya Saran

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