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Kundalini Class on the Beach

                                         Winter Session 2021

 8 weeks $130

On Line Live Stream classes $130 

Drop-Ins $20

Privates 1hr $80


New Meditation

Meditation at this time isn’t just a wellness or a lifestyle practice but a necessity.  As we all feel the shifts around us we need to keep peace flowing through us. Peace in our heart, Peace in our mind, and Peace through our physical body.  A Peaceful heart centre is the foundation of the neutral mind. Our health relies on our ability to adjust our frequency to keep a strong Immune system. 

Wednesday Live Virtual 7pm

Restorative | Therapeutic

This yoga class combines the principles of both Restorative and therapeutic Yoga to create a deeply healing experience. Applying a gentle technique of massage with Yoga Tune Up®, playfully I will take you rolling therapy to ease your body, mind connection. With the extra bonus of relaxation meditation guided. 

  • Tuesdays 8:30am - 9:30am 

  • Tuesdays 9:45am - 10:45am with Live Virtual

  • Privates avilable

All Levels Hatha

Yoga is one of the most respected methods of self-care and personal development. It calms the nervous system and balances the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. This yoga class will introduce you to the foundation of your yoga practice, exploring breath work, postures, massage  with Yoga Tune Up®, playfully a rolling therapy to ease your body,  and meditation.

  • Tuesdays 7:00pm- 8:00pm  

  • Live Virtual class 7:00pm- 8:00pm

  • Privates available 

Kundalini in Niagara

Kundalini Yoga the yoga of the Aquarian Age is one of the most ancient and most powerful styles of yoga. It supports us to become physically and mentally strong by creating a strong nervous system and healthy glandular and immune system so that we may live a life full of radiance and abundance through kriya, meditation, mantra and breath. Lisa's Yoga offers:

  • Thursdays 9:45am- 10:45am  with Live Virtual class

  • Thursdays 6:15pm- 7:15pm

  • Thursdays  7:30pm- 8:30pm  with Live Virtual class

  • Privates by appointment

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“Anything that is not built upon the great laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth will collapses. That which is built upon these laws will flourish.” Dr. Levry

 Private Classes

Legacy Health & Performance

569 Ontario St

St. Catharines, Ontario

L2N 4N4

Private Classes

Attachment & Trauma Healing Centre

95 Niagara St.

St. Catharines, Ontario

L2R 4L3


 Group Weekly Classes*

Between Mothers Wellness Centre

333 Ontario St

St. Catharines, Ontario

L2R 5L3

Group Monthly Class

The Yoga Vine

4973 King Street, Beamsville

L0R 1B0


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