Hatha Yoga

Lisa combines her yoga training background to teach safe and therapeutic classes in a wide variety of styles and levels, such as : Restorative, Sivananda, Anursara, and Yoga Tune up®. Lisa’s classes offer a strong emphasis on alignment and safety, using the practice of yoga as therapy. Her therapeutic approach is based on scientific research to maintain balance, strength and flexibility for optimal health. 


The word hatha is Sanskrit and is composed of two words, “ha” and “tha”. “Ha” means sun, which represents warm masculine energy and strength. “Tha” means moon and represents the calm cooling feminine energy. The focus of Hatha Yoga is to merge these energies and unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being.


Hatha uses postures (asanas) and stretches in combination with the breath (pranayama) and meditation techniques to develop flexibility and relaxation.


There are many styles of Hatha Yoga, Lisa teaches a Restorative Therapeutic class and a combination Foundation/beginners/All levels class. 

Restorative Yoga

This is a gentle therapeutic restorative hatha class that uses probs, (bolsters, straps, chairs, pillows, blankets) that allows simple healing. Restorative yoga regulates the nervous system by slowing down, naturally releasing the layers of tension we hold, physically, mentally & emotionally. In this class the body feels supported and when the body relaxes in this way that deep healing begins, infused with gentle movements a deep relaxation visualization that allows your body to regulate and restore.


Foundation*Beginners* All Levels

Lisa’s Hatha Yoga classes is based on the ancient practice with care and attention given to many different layers while she encourages personal alignment of your body to bring balance, strength, and calmness to you.


Yoga and It's Benefits

  • increase your flexibility

  • increase muscle tone and strength

  • improve your circulatory and cardio health

  • helps you sleep better

  • increase your energy levels

  • improve athletic performance

  • reduce injuries

  • detoxify your organs

  • improve your posture

  • improves anxiety and depression

  • helps with chronic pain

  • release endorphins that improve your mood

  • and so much more...