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Sound and Mantra

Sound is one of our greatest teachers. Using ancient mantra, we are working to initiate and guide the kundalini energy to help quiet our ego and calm the subconscious mind. These mantras are for everyone and they help to activate the Nadi’s which create chemical reactions in the brain so that the kundalini energy can work to help clear the consciousness, to raise our awareness and ultimately to connect to the infinite. The ultimate state is referred to as anahat and is achieved when our nervous system vibrates the mantra effortlessly, indicating a constant state of flow with the infinite!

What is Mantra?

The formal definition of mantra is the “creative projection of the mind, through sound.” Mantras are essentially simple formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain, according to physical and metaphysical laws. To put this more simply, everything in the universe vibrates through light, energy, and sound. In Kundalini yoga we chant ancient mantras because of the effect it has on our minds, channeling and controlling our thoughts and emotions. In many ways, chanting is not singing, it is vibrating!

How Does Mantra Work?

Let’s break it down. Each of us has a total of 84 meridian points on our upper palate. When these points are struck with the tongue while chanting, a sound vibration is created. In turn, these pulses are transmitted to the hypothalamus, the part of our brain that regulates the chemical messages going to the brain and body. Chanting particular sounds or combinations of sounds allows you to tune into different levels of consciousness and ultimately into achieving a state of Anahat, defined as the “infinite unstuck sound” or “unstuck melody.” Simply, naad yoga is the essence of sound and we chant mantra because the vibrations create chemical responses in our brain which help clear our consciousness, quiet the ego and awakening us to our own truth and connection to the infinite.


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