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The Path of Devotion

The path....

See the Divine in everything when you practice Bhakti, the yoga of devotion. Devotion is the gateway to Infinity. It is up to each one of us to direct our life, and transform it into devotion, to consciously merge with your true identity and destiny of your soul. Bhakti is a Sanskrit word; Yoga means union; the only English word that can do justice to the word Bhakti is perhaps "Love," "Universal Love" or "Divine Love.” When all life force energy flows in harmony with universal law, the finite self merges with the Infinite Self through the gateway of devotion. Mediation unlocks the truth. Our faith is what gives us patience, hope and a sense of peace no matter what. Meditation isn’t just a wellness or a lifestyle practice but a necessity for me. As we all feel the shifts around us we need to keep peace flowing through us. Peace in our heart, Peace in our mind, and Peace through our physical body. A Peaceful heart centre is the foundation of a neutral mind (mediative mind) where love begins to flow. Bhakti has been called "love for love's sake" and "union through love and devotion" . Bhakti, is like any other form of yoga, it is a path to self-realization, to having an experience of oneness with everything. Everyone shares the experience of love, but it looks different for every person. Some people fall in love with different aspects of nature or others might be dancing, yoga, writing, reading or singing. As you learn to tap into this universal love, you natural develop a since of trust that this benevolent, wise universe provides: you relax, and you can't help but generate positive energy for yourself, others and all living things. When you do take the time, you might realize that bhakti is just another way to move along on the spiritual path. The aim of Bhakti or devotion is loving union with the Divine as you experience it. The exact form of your practice is up to you. My spiritual practice and Bhakti is Kundalini yoga, the yoga of Self realization.

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