Concert in Hamilton with "Sukha"

November 06, 2019

doors open 6:30pm, 7pm start


Chedoke Presbyterian Church

865 Mohawk Rd W

Hamilton, ON


$35/40 Door

for tickets

Free Group Sadhana

November 09, 2019

What is Sadhana?

Sadhana simply means "spiritual practice". We come together, we meditate, we chant mantras, we do the exercises, we regulate our breath, and we meet in-group consciousness because it helps each of us. It is a practice that resets our cycles and patterns to the rhythm of our ultimate destiny. There is no charge to attend - this is your gift to yourself. 


Sadhana means daily spiritual practice. Sadhana is a self-discipline that allows one to express the infinite within one's self. Sadhana is a discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul. Sadhana keeps the mind clear to accurately guide our actions.

starts at 5:30am until 7:30am

*NOTICE* Location Change

Between Mothers Wellness Centre

333 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L3, Canada

The Yoga Vine Beamsville

November 17, 2019

With Devi Kirn

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of “awareness,” and was brought to the West in the 1960’s by Yogi Bhajan who describes it as “the creative power of the human being”. Through a combination of pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (sets of exercises), meditation, and mantra, Kundalini yoga helps its practitioners make the full mind, body and soul connection. It is a science, a true technology, that gives us the tools to deal with the stresses of modern time. Not only does it help with physical, core strength, but it also teaches us how to remain centered, calm and allows us to create a neutral mind. It allows for the alleviation of blocks that may be holding us back from living a healthy, happy, & spiritual life. Kundalini yoga is “the fastest way to establish an aligned relationship between the mind, body, and soul.”

My classes are fun, energetic, joyful and open to people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and beliefs. In them, we let go of our ego and open our hearts, together.

Register to secure a space!

@The Yoga Vine

4973 King St, Beamsville, Ontario L0r 1B1


New Moon in Sagittarius

November 25, 2019

Come out to celebrate the new moon in Sagittarius with Kundalini yoga, Rituals, Oracle Cards and Ball Therapy.

November 25th 2019

7pm - 9:30pm

Ebb and Flow Studio

14540 Niagara Parkway

Queenston, Ontario

L0S 1L0

$45/50 person

Rejuvenate the Body Mind with Gong Sound Healing


This extraordinary experience allows the listener to rest into themselves and move into a dream-like state. The gong’s voice washes over the mind, body and spirit. Immersed in total sound of holistic resonance, one can reach a state of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and peace - resting into their true being where all healing and knowledge can be accessed. The gongs have the power to go deep inside the body and release stored heavy energy, leaving behind clean, full potential energy and healing!

Come Join us for this incredible journey!

*NOTICE* Location Change

Between Mothers Wellness Centre

333 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L3, Canada

2019 Winter Session - January 7th, 2020

January 07, 2020

10 weeks at $140

5 weeks at $75

drop ins at $17

Register for 2020 and reserve your space, payment in advance.

Tuesday 9:30am Restorative / Therapeutic 
Tuesday 6:00pm Foundation Hatha 

Thursday 10:30am Kundalini Yoga
Thursday 7:00pm Kundalini Yoga


Salt Cave Kundalini Yoga Meditation Workshop in Stoney Creek

December 04, 2019

With Cindy Crossley and Lisa Scandolari

Two Sessions

December 4th

5:45pm to 7:00pm 

7:30pm to 8:45pm

December 5th

5:45pm to 7:00pm )

7:30pm to 8:45pm 

$40.00 per session

Between 30 and 50 million years old, the Himalaya Mountain Range is located in Asia and is home to mountains with the highest elevation in the world, including Mount Everest. Within the Himalayas you will find many rivers flowing between the mountains, including the Ganga, Brahma, and Indus, the largest river in the mountain range. Within these rivers and lakes that cover the majestic mountain range, you will find an ancient treasure that people for generations have coveted: Himalayan salt. It has been known for its natural purity since ancient times and for centuries, people have trusted the benefits of salt therapy to relieve respiratory illnesses, improve skin conditions and strengthen their immune systems.

As the Himalayan salt is inhaled, it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, cleansing, clearing mucus and killing bacteria. Salt therapy also promotes stress reduction through the production of negative ions to boost the immune system and reduce chronic stress and fatigue.

By integrating the benefits of the Salt Cave with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama – Breath Meditation – we will support the mind and guide the body through the use of breath, mantra, mudra, and focus. It will be an experience that will have lasting benefits.


I Am Love

October 25, 2019

11th Annual Women's Retreat


Kundalini Yoga Retreat

with Devi Kirn and Shabad Dev
October 25, 26, 27 2019

Together we will share and discover what it means to live in our power. It is a weekend of personal transformation for women. This is an opportunity for women to experience ancient wisdoms and modern truths based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, women’s wisdom from Yogi Bhajan, meditation, chanting, health and beauty information and lifestyle tips. This weekend will profoundly change your life by elevating your relationships, improve your health, bring you greater joy and awareness and bring upliftment and hope. Through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, a wise teacher and a tremendous advocate for women, we will embark on an old tradition of a sacred women’s circle where we will share in this profound experience. You will be naturally renewed to your rightful status of dignity and divinity.


We will learn how to impact change, starting with ourselves. It is with this tradition of gathering women to support one another that will bring PEACE and AWARENESS both within and around our outer world. This weekend is designed to give us the space to connect to that vibration of pure love, joy, peace and harmony inside so that we shine bright for ourselves and those we meet along our journey in life.

Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre

5720 Forgets Rd, Wyebridge, ON L0K 2E0

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