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Golden Milk magic

Golden Milk can be your nightly ritual. The mixture of milk, turmeric, and honey, topped with almond oil, has been a wonderful nightly treat that your body will find healing and supportive. Golden Milk is one of the most powerful ‘supplements’ I have found, that smooths and relaxes my muscles, and joints. I feel a sense of relaxation, and general benefit when I consistently have it.... it is also great before bed, it helps me sleep deeply. In Kundalini Yoga we enjoy this drink after a full day of practice to sooth out the system.

Turmeric is a potent herb, appreciated by yogis and ayurvedic healers since ancient times. It is healing to the liver and stomach, and as in my experience, greatly helps with arthritis, stiffness, and with digestion. It aids in drawing out toxins from the body, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is especially good for adult women. It helps us stay flexible, lubricates our inner body, and our joints.


1/8 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 cup water 8 ounces milk – I use raw milk, and sometimes fresh almond milk, you can also use goat milk… 2 tablespoons raw almond oil Honey to taste 1 cardamom pod

Cooking Instructions:

Simmer turmeric in water until it forms into a paste. Suggested cooking time is 8 minutes, though you can cook it for up to 30 minutes, adding more water as necessary. The general ratio of turmeric to water is 1 part turmeric to 4 parts water. Cardamom may be cooked with the turmeric for added flavor.

Then add the milk and bring to a boil last add almond oil. As soon the milk boils, remove from heat.


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