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The Other Person is You!

White Tantric 2019

The other Person is you!

My husband and I attend Kundalini Yoga practitioners, teachers and senior teachers in Toronto for the highest form of yoga

“ White Tantric”. Meditation it is, you set your intention and you show up! It is like spiritual boot camp all day long 8:30-6:30pm ...meditation all day long with hundreds. For the next 10 hours or so we will be engaged in “ White Tantric YOGA".

Each year I show up on my mat wether it is in Toronto, New Mexico, or Whales Florida for this spiritual day practice, not knowing what to expect. I believe it is my 18th Tantric experience!! Wowza.

This amazing event comes around in Toronto very year in May where the people in white flood the Church of the Holy Trinity right beside the Eaton’s Centre. This event is held by 3H0 organization, our Kundalini family ! 31 and 62-minute meditations that are physically and mentally challenging. Can we do it? Our we up for the Challenge ?

Why would one want to do such intense practice?

Through this extremely powerful and difficult practice you cleanse your subconscious at the deepest level. Cleansing your stuff from the inside out to let go of the hurts, pain, trauma of the past. RESET time! And you fall in Love with your partner again and again, SEEING your refection of yourself. Your ♥️ opens and you see “the other person is you”. Who doesn’t need that?

Staring into your partner’s eyes for hours on end as you perform difficult meditations. Whatever comes up for either of us we will honor and support each other as we gain strength to get through.

It is all about the experience! And we welcome the INTEGRATION time for the next 40 days!

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