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Heads Up on Head Coverings

Giving the Heads Up on wearing a head covering in Kundalini Yoga!

I’ve found that many people have been curious as to why we cover our heads while practicing Kundalini Yoga. Your head is a very sensitive part of the body and covering it allows one to harness the inflow of energy, clear thoughts from the mind, and focus during yoga and meditation. We are training ourselves to be aware of and master our subtle energies.

Wearing a head covering enables you to command your third eye the Ajna Chakra. Covering the head provides a sense of containment and focus while practicing Kundalini Yoga or while meditating. It literally helps "keep your head together." Covering the head creates a focus of the functional circuit of the hemispheres of the brain, and tunes the neurological system.

The turban is actually an energetic practice. The turban when is tied properly on the head connects the arcline of the person strengthening it and acting as a container of the energy that is being raised in their practice.

The arcline is a meridian that runs from earlobe to earlobe and gives you the ability to focus, concentrate and also facilitates your radiance. It connects and balances your connection between the Universe and Physical realms. When its not strong you will find yourself easily influenced and overprotective.

When we practice kundalini yoga with a turban on what happens is the energy that we are inviting and pushing up from the base of our spine through our crown chakra gets captured and contained. It creates a strong arcline. Its not just going through our crown and being dispersed everywhere.

The kundalini energy is activated by the radiant force of the solar plexus and moves upward in response to the solar energy coming down. This balances the body energy and maintains the total equilibrium. If the hair uncovered so that it is electrically imbalanced, this natural process of raising the kundalini energy will be impeded.

The skull is made up of tiny bones that are constantly moving even if only by micromillimeters and the degree to which they move impacts levels of calmness or anxiety. Covering the head provides a sense of containment and focus while practicing yoga or meditating.

It is recommended to cover the head and hair with a cotton cloth or wrapped turban. Head coverings of any kind are useful for a meditative practice. Turbans in particular are useful for holding energy in, and for creating a meditative focus at the third eye point (brow point), your space of intuition.

You can also cover your head with a Chuni. The chuni is a light, silky covering that covers the head and shoulders. It can be used to wrap the hair or simply drape over the head.

In my experience I felt more connected and in tune to the practice, like it had a stronger influence on me. My suggestion would be to experiment covering your head during a meditation and see how you feel. I suspect you will have a positive experience!

In Peace and Love,

Shabad Dev Kaur

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