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Improve Brain Function

The two Sides of the brain have different capabilities and strengths.

Left Brain: Processes facts, language, and details; sees the logistics.

Right Brain- Processes feelings and emotions; sees the big picture.

Most people tend to be either more right-brained or more left-brained. However, for optimum function, both sides of the brain should work more or less equally well and communicate back and forth with ease. When the pattern of either left or right brain dominance is identified, yoga and meditation can be used to cultivate balance between the hemispheres. It is important that both sides of the brain are strong, healthy, balanced and communicating with each other.

The brain, constantly scans the status of the body, notices that the body is feeling a certain way. In response to that bodily feeling, the brain generates thoughts that produce the corresponding chemical messengers.

Who is doing this? ....Your Brain responds to the thought that created an emotion....then sent the signal to the brain.

This meditation is intended to bring total mental balance. It clears the subconscious mind of traumas and negative, unnecessary emotions. It improves concentration and brain function, increases intuitive abilities and brings peace and understanding to the practitioner. The Kirtan Kriya not only heals the subconscious but helps us discover the divine nature of all beings.

Kirtan Kriya, can have immediate have long-term positive benefits for the brain. Practicing this simple eleven-minute yoga meditation has been shown to bring about the following benefits: Improve cerebral blood flow (help you think better).Improve blood flow to the posterior cingulated gyrus (improve memory retrieval).Increase activity in the frontal lobe (sharpen attention, concentration, and focus).Replenish vital neurotransmitters and brain chemicals, such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and dopamine (which help the brain function more smoothly).Increase energy levels, improve sleep quality, reduce stress (lower cortisol levels).Improve both short- and long-term psychological health and spiritual well being.

The Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is composed of several parts that are done simultaneously, all which have equal importance and should be practiced correctly as to receive the benefits and to not injure the student—mental focus and precision is key!

Mantras are ancient yogic chants that carry vibrations containing sacred energy, most Kundalini mantras are in the language of Gurmukhi. These powerful chants are believed to settle the mind and balance the chakras (energy centers) of the subtle body. In the Kirtan Kriya, each syllable of the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra has a specific meaning:

Sa– birth, cosmos- index finger and thumb (for wisdom and Jupiter)

Ta– life- middle finger and thumb (for patience and Saturn)

Na– death, transformation- ring finger and thumb (for energy and Sun)

Ma– rebirth- little finger and thumb (for communication and Mercury)

Begin to chant Sa Ta Na Ma out loud for 3 minutes, then whisper the mantra for 3 minutes, next repeat the mantra silently for 3 minutesReverse the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra and chant silently for 3 minutes, whisper for 3 minutes and chant out loud for the last 3 minutes.Make sure that your fingers alternate mudras for each syllable chanted, linking each syllable of Sa Ta Na Ma with its corresponding mudra. This is one of my favourites !!

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