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Love is Greater Than Fear

It is hard to live in a world where so many people deny their own hearts and souls each and every day out of fear. Whether it be love or friendship or self love.

And I'm an empath I can feel it happening all the time. I can feel the love in a person's heart and then I hear them deny their own self by speaking other than their truth. Can't really fool me, energy is energy is what we are and I can feel you because we are one.

If I was YOUR heart❤ I would ask YOU why you choose walls, pain and fear when these things create more of the same around you? It isolates you further when your heart has cried out desperately to feel connection. Why would you choose to invite more of what you're NOT into your very core? Did you know that by denying your heart you are creating a shadow version of yourself that can gain in strength and eventually acts out recklessly with no consideration from your true self? It is this part of us that begins to hurt others in our lives and pain creates more pain. All because we succumbed to the fear inside of ourselves and denied our own hearts and souls what we came here to be and experience. Which was to become an anchor for unconditional love on earth. And this can only be accomplished by loving our own individual souls enough to let the feeling we experience in our hearts out into the world around us.

All those things we want and expect from others, to be loved, loyalty, to be cherished, to be respected, to be trusted, intimacy, appreciation, communication, desire... And more! Give these things to yourself first because no one else could ever love you in all the ways you desire to be fulfilled. Then when you have chosen love over fear again and again you'll begin to see the fear diminishing from your life. There will be only love. ~Jaia

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