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How I Loved My Shadow

A light warrior/worker is NOT all love and light. No way! No one can live in light all the time. But most are able to balance ourselves during darker times. Abundance is peace the stability that we create for ourselves to the best of our ability at any given time. Having the mental clarity to care for oneself during the down swings so they do not grow into tidal waves that sink us. Every single one of us has the internal dance of the darkness within. Winning isn't about pretending it does not exist. It is not all light and love at all times or else how can you be a representative of the light? How could you understand others? How could you truly be alive? Being alive is feeling everything!

"If you run from your shadow you will always lose" it has a way of catching up with you in the end and the same issues will present themselves over and over to you whether you decide to step into your shadow or not. In that logic it would seem the most intelligent move is to step into our shadow and see it for what and who that aspect of ourselves really is.

But it's not that simple either because our shadow is the one thing that terrifies us the most. The part of us we cannot face. We'd rather run from it than look inside and that's how the shadow was created in the first place. It's made up of all those experiences that we'd rather not face because in one way or another it feels like it is too much for us to handle. But we know that we are never presented with more than we can handle!

The shadow is the part of us we rejected because it's not good enough, not pure enough, it doesn't feel like who we want to be. Only the bravest of us look inside to our own shadow and most of us could use the help and support of others as we do this.

But once it's been seen. And I mean really understood, FELT and recognized, once it is accepted as just another part of us.... and you are now speaking your truth, your own Sat Nam (this means truth is my identity). It loses its control over who we are and then we can finally begin to live and breathe as whole beings. And that makes all of the work worth it.

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