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I Welcome Freedom

I am washing dishes, scrubbing away and pause long enough to notice that my shoulders are up, my jaw is tight and in no way am I am relishing in a full yogic breath! How is this possible; how did my body get so tense with such a simple task? Granted I am a petite goddess, so the standard counter is high and the shoulders must go up to facilitate my size. That aside, I further considered the patterns that exist in the body and their astonishing memory.

Are you aware of your own patterns? Tension in the shoulders, abdomen, back, neck, jaw, chest and the list goes on and on…. Do you pause long enough to notice or does the awareness only arrive once the pain sets in and you’re sore, and stiff. Imagine the shift that could be possible if little by little you became aware of your patterns and set them free? Something to try tonight… as you lie in bed, bring your attention to the fine muscles around the eyes, observe what is held there? Explore the possibility of softening the area… soak in the transformation.

A mentor recently stated that as a practitioner “if you help someone to breath, they will get better.” And it’s so true!! How can we possibly breath correctly if our “on” button is relentless? Have you ever watched a friend who is a passionate talker? They do not breathe, I promise you, they are not honoring their body with full deep breaths!

The breath is always my faithful barometer… how am I doing today? Where is my breath restricted? And then the dreaded question… why am I holding? Some days, yes I am open to that challenge, to face the pattern and on others, well nope, it just has to wait until another time and that is ok. We must be kind with ourselves, some of those patterns have been with us for a long time and it will take patience and perseverance to let them go. Little by little, with courageous awareness you can set them free.

Forever student and teacher of Yoga

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