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Talk about it? No thank you. Breathe? Yes Please

With "Let's Talk" day come and gone I have reflected heavily on the irritation I feel during the "hype." Do not misunderstand, the awareness that this day brings is awesome! Yet, it stops there... talking about it for a day.

Remaining within this limited awareness fosters further opportunity for segregation and judgement. We are left with stiffer labels and individuals feeling they are different when in reality we ALL struggle with our mental health just in varying degrees. We are a society ruled by our thoughts and emotions. See for yourself, be the observer for 5 min... what did you notice? Or another route... tune in to the current U.S. election!

When we "talk" about it we are once again a slave to the mind, abandoning the awareness that needs to begin within. Yes, I wrestle with anxiety if "it" needs a label. It is not who I am; my true essence radiates infinitely beyond the mind. So, no thank you, I do not want to talk about it, I want to do so much more! I am a conscious soul doing the work to peel the layers and see my truth.

The work? For me it is studying, teaching and living the principals and philosophy of yoga. Through yoga we look at the whole being; mind, body and soul. As we journey into the breath and the body or vessel we can bring awareness to the mind, we see and use it as an incredible tool; it's true purpose. We then begin to experience truth; our intrinsic nature. Now that is Freedom!!

"Whatever your spirit of mind is, that is your breathing. If you can control your breathing, you can directly control your mind. A person who breaths only 8 times a minute has self-control. He can guide his destiny. He can carve his own way. But we forget. We don't remember that breath has any importance to us." ~Yogi Bhajan

Laura Young

Forever student and teacher of Yoga

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