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Emerald Spheres

I will never forget the day that I graduated from yoga teacher training. My guru and now dear friend placed lovingly in the hands of each graduate three vibrant peas. You can imagine the confusion that spread across our faces. As she placed the frozen bag of peas back in her freezer, she proceeded to explain the odd “gifts.”

The peas represented the three “P’s” that we would need to nurture as we continued on the journey: Practice, Patience and Persistence. Little did I know the magnitude of the wisdom those little emerald spheres carried and how they would be invaluable guides along my path.

No matter what you declare the “journey” to be (spiritual, yogic, religious or healing) it is a conscious decision to genuinely look within and uncover who you really are, your truth. It ain’t always pretty, which is a guarantee but if you muster enough strength and courage a magical path lies ahead.


In my opinion, it has never been spoken better than by Yogi Bhajan “keep up and you will be kept up.”

  • Make a commitment to the teachings that speak to your soul


I have none! No seriously, my children have shown me that my patience pool is VERY shallow and at times nearly empty! Can you guess what I am learning from them?J

  • Respect the process, it can not be rushed or forced

  • Trust in yourself, trust in the divine and LET GO

  • Listen, be mindful and stay present


We are amazing creatures and our abilities extend infinitely.

  • The greatest gifts are often granted once we’ve travelled the darkest hours

  • Keep exploring, keep searching and the layers will shed

I cannot predict or control what you take away from these words, however, I am certain that you will never look at a little green pea the same way again!

Laura Young

Forever student and teacher of Yoga

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