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To me , Kundalini yoga and meditation is a powerful path to awaken, change and transform. Kundalini yoga helps me in my life to make the shift from fear to faith and love, it gives me a strong sense of power and a clear direction. We recognize we all go through a lot of stress and challenges at times and we get stuck in the old patterns. The practice of Kundalini yoga helps me to remove blocks and uplifts myself providing me a strong sense that i am being guided and being held through this ancient practice. The teachings will challenge you, and will continue challenging each day, and every day that you face your fears /weaknesses, every day that you identify with your small self and not your True Self. When you step into your True Self you find freedom peace, true love and clarity in your life. For those who want to empower their spiritual side, which in many cases seems to be missing in our society. Without spiritual practice it's easy to start to flounder and doubt. True happiness is mediation and meditation is a tool for self love, healing and speaking your Sat Nam. Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation is a Kundalini Kirtan Kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kirtan Kriya is Sanskrit, a classical language of Gurumuki. Kirtan means “song” or “praise” and Kriya means “to do” or “action.”The meditation is a combination of chanting a mantra while moving the hands through mudra’s. Mantra and mudra are also Sanskrit words. Mantra means “an often repeated word or phrase” and mudra means “a motion of the hands” or “a dance of the hands.” To fully experience the benefits of the meditation, a combination of singing, whispering and silently repeating the mantra are used. A key visualization of concentration is used to cap off the meditation. Let’s start first with understanding the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. The sounds comes from one of the oldest mantras Sat Nam which means “my true essence” or “true identity” and are designed to be uplifting. There are many interpretations for each of the sounds, one being that there is no meaning to the sounds at all, but simply a vibration, and a stimulation of 84 acupressure points in the palate of the mouth which occurs when singing and whispering the words. Other translations of the sounds are: SA is birth, the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is, or will be. TA is life, existence, and creativity which manifests from infinity. NA is death, change, and the transformation of consciousness. MA is rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite. Sa Ta Na Ma

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