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Truth Seeker

Are you a truth seeker?

Sat means Truth and Nam means Name. The mantra translates: “Truth is my name” or “Truth is my identity.” It is a powerful mantra that reinforces the divine consciousness in everyone.

In kundalini yoga we do so much work on opening the heart and opening the throat chakra, that there is this attitude that we have to speak are truth. We have to stand in are truth and really we should speak are truth but you have to be aware of who is around you and are they ready to receive your truth. Why are you sharing your truth is it because you want to prove a point? You want to tell them or prove to them that they are doing it wrong or are you sharing it because the other person is going to grow from it?

We get empowered....and in this mind set of speaking are truth sometime gets muddled with are emotions and the ego. And if we get this big hat on are head and you say I am a yogi and I am a Kundalini yogi and I know everything. Then there is not allot of space for humility and often times the muddling of that mucky grey water isn’t really clear. What’s truth and what ideal is truth or ego.

One of the things I love to bring through my classes is to work through emotions of Truth, Honesty and Trust. And instead of feeling like you have to tell the world what you did wrong or what you need to do to grow. Awakening your True Self is quite the process. It is many times not a pretty or easy process and has many tall hills and deep valleys. BUT, it is an extremely beautiful and rewarding process and it all starts with Awareness and Truth...You will internalize it and move through it through movement, meditation, breathe or mantra.

Think about the last time you felt you made a bad decision or ended up in a situation you felt you could have avoided if you had just trusted that little voice inside, you know the one I’m speaking of.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of TRUTH, the yoga of awareness, and helps you uncover the power to speak your Divine Truth!

Sat Nam!

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