Message from Lisa

Fall Time!

Make it a practice this season to focus on the things that give you energy, so you can maintain a high frequency, positive direction as we enter the final quarter of this year leading up to the Solstice. 


What will you give your attention to today?


We all have a deep longing for Peace and a collective longing for peace in the world. I love this quote that I shared in class last week the Dali Lama says - “World peace begins with inner peace”. 


Lisa Devi Kirn


 Lisa's Yoga is a healing space and Lisa welcomes you. Enjoy great company of like minded, heart centred, yogic community in a healthy and wholesome environment.  With over 24 years of experience, Lisa teaches you to awaken, rejuvenate and to live your best life through yoga. My capacity is to Tune in to the Energy of Love. 


Reclaim your wellness, your health, your vital energy ....hi I am Lisa my spiritual name is Devi Kirn which means the goddess, angel mother energy and Kirn is shining light.

I believe my passion is to uplift every soul to shine the Light through Yoga and Meditation.  To empower students, to connect to their true essence, using a science that effects the brain, nervous system, glands, immune system & most of all a heart♥️soul connection.

The Yoga of the AQUARIAN AGE!

~Lisa Scandolari ~ Devi Kirn

Lisa's Yoga in Niagara



“Loved loved loved taking yoga at Lisa's Yoga, she's a spiritual and kind hearted person who enjoys working with all levels of ability.” 


—  Melissa Purdie, continued on Google Reviews