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I love this journey of Kundalini and Hatha yoga 🧘‍♀️. I am truly blessed and will forever be grateful for Lisa, she is truly authentic and pure. I am not looking back. Lisa, thank you for holding such a beautiful and equal space for all. May you be blessed in 2023.

  Much love. Elizabeth



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 Awakening is the space where people can freely embrace and experience their hearts and spirits, create change and transform and find a deep sense of freedom, clarity and wholeness within.

I love what I do and it fills me with joy to see students in class access their inner wisdom and heart. I am honoured to share this Science and technology by serving a like minded community of students who consciously choose to be part off this transformational journey. 


“Loved loved loved taking yoga at Lisa's Yoga, she's a spiritual and kind hearted person who enjoys working with all levels of ability.” 


The words "Kundalini Yoga" use to scare me. I always thought it was a type of yoga that wasn't for me or I wouldn't like. Well, I have learnt that I was wrong. I was at a time and place in my life when I was ready to give it a try. Through the guidance of a beautiful teacher Lisa Scandolari it has truly become a passion of mine. I started my Kundalini journey in March 2022and am so happy I did and I am so much stronger mentally, emotionally and physically because of it

I have recently started my own personal sadhana. I truly felt I was ready for it as I wanted to  learn and grow more and stay focused. Im excited for it daily and Lisa is with me every step of the way! It will most definitely keep me on my chosen path.  Kundalini Yoga has been life changing for me and its really made a difference. 

               —  Tammy, continued on Google Reviews

—  Melissa Purdie, continued on Google Reviews

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